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Re: OT: Re: debian-women obscurity, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> There are four points.  Of those, three are being done already, namely
> the first [1],[2] third [3][4][5] and fourth [6].  There are many other
> such references on the Debian Women webpages and mailing list, as well
> as wider Debian webpages and mailing lists - this is a selection of
> initial information, rather than an exhaustive list.
> How this can be interpreted as "most of the points under how to avoid
> being sexist haven't actually been done yet" is beyond me.

I'm not going to continue the off-topic direction that you're
trying to take this in, but I highlight the *tense* of what
I wrote compared to your claim, question whether DWWN shows
anything to the larger Debian community and wonder how you
are avoiding being sexist with list charter and some web pages
being women-only. I hope verb tenses aren't really beyond you.

It's not "you're never going to do this" but "I'm worried
because it's six months on and still a discussion point."
Then again, this thread already had a complaint that nothing
useful would be done in three months!

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