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Topics resembling the DPL election, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

Ben Burton <bab@debian.org> wrote:
> Ah, in which case I salute the innovative way in which you boldly post
> to -vote on topics bearing increasingly little resemblance to the DPL
> election.

Sorry if I'm communicating it badly, but I think the
debian-women problem includes all the hot topics of (at least):
 - internal project communication
 - secrecy/transparency and accountability
 - demographic representativeness
 - accidental exclusion
 - wider community campaigning

All of which the DPL can influence, even if only by their
speeches, and the specific issue is mentioned explictly in
krooger's platform. Where do the other candidates stand on
these topics and this issue?

I think the other things important to me about the DPL are
any effect on the release processes, public relations and
delegations, but they're already being covered.

You make me realise another thing: this is going badly and it's
time to spend less time on it. The volume of email (both for
and against) that I'm getting off-list on this topic is silly:
I'm not running for DPL. Neither dumb flames nor messages
of support are any help. Please can people who have emailed
me off-list be brave enough to post to -vote if the topic is
important enough to ask candidates to reply?

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