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Re: Red-tops, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

MJR wrote:
>Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
>> I'll leave the rest of your bile to someone else, but for the record, as
>> the founder of DWN, I resent the implication that the newsleatter is
>> modeled on a US tabloid, which I have never read (except for headlines
>> about two-headed cows while standing in line with my milk). If it wasn't
>> so sad, that alligation would be histerical.
>Why? There are more than a few similarities, by luck or not:
>* Neither feels that the groups it reports on are their main
>  audience.
>* Any item included in either has to be sexy enough to match
>  the red top and that means accuracy sometimes gets left out.
>* They are not afraid to pull cunning stunts like reporting
>  statements single-sourced from fairly new contributors as if
>  it's a consensus view of a group, or "inflating" articles with
>  inaccurate or irrelevant spin.
>* They have friends who get puffed regularly, but "good news"
>  stories about groups on the blacklist can get ignored and/or
>  stuffed at the bottom of the issue.
>* The editors take the traditional approach of completely ignoring
>  most criticism and either accusing the complainer or trying to
>  game them in the broken system. There is no recommended route
>  to seek clarification or retraction and those misrepresented
>  or injured just have to punt.

Exactly which publication are you talking about here? That sounds
nothing like my experience of DWN. What wound you up? Did somebody not
cover your pet issue in the way you wanted?

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