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Question for candidate Lees

Hi Angus,

First, I know that you didn't get a platform to Manoj before his deadline,
and that he has not been in a position to post web updates since then.  Do
you have a platform that you could post to the list to tell us about
yourself as a candidate?

Second, in talking with your fellow local developers, it seems that they
think very highly of you.  Unfortunately -- and quite surprisingly to me in
someone standing for the position of DPL -- you don't seem to be very well
known by the rest of the project.  You seem to be an infrequent poster to
Debian lists, and do not hold any delegate positions according to

I imagine you've already considered that not being well known may hurt your
chances in an election; but I wanted to ask you why you think that
developers *should* vote for a DPL candidate who doesn't appear to have
distinguished himself in the project.  Why should we want you to lead us,
rather than wanting you to just continue to maintain your packages (which
you seem to do a very good job of)?

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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