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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> wrote:
> As a service to mailservers everywhere I'll put up a permanent page outlining 
> my complaints:
> http://www.eanschuessler.com/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SPIAccounting

Can you add references for some of the claims? It's hard for anyone
to take that page and run with it. Also, not setting a white background
would make it easier to read.

Do you have any response to the claim that your invoice was in a box
of papers for filing?

> > [...] Wasn't there any problem with the
> > president taking control of financial office? If not, I'll wait
> > for some other of SPI board to comment.
> Open to interpretation. The President *not* taking control of the financial 
> office (at least temporarily) has certainly allowed problems to continue.

So what? The president's powers are limited. Most of us
realise that.  They can affect the financial office, but not
directly control it without dodgy acts. That's a feature not a bug.

> > Sure, fine. So no, you can't substantiate it beyond trying to
> > blame the whole SPI thing on Branden?
> It depends on what you mean by the "SPI thing". If you mean not processing 
> hundreds of donation checks, then yes, I blame that on Branden. [...]

So, no, you're basing this solely on SPI. Well, enough's been
written about that and I guess people can make up their own
minds now. Myself, I don't think it's any surprise that the
financial office starts to hiccough if the board don't react
to the treasurer reporting problems. In that way, there's some
merit to your approach to your problems with the secretary
role: quit and it forces the board to address the problem when
appointing someone.

> The above statement is way letting Darren Benham off the hook but he isn't 
> running for DPL. If he ran for DPL then I would put on a display that makes 
> this look like Sunday school. Branden knew that Darren had cocked things up 
> terribly when he took the task on. 

I'm thankful for small mercies!

> Let me be clear. The fact that he failed isn't the problem. Branden is a stand 
> up guy but we're talking about running for DPL. When addressing his failure 
> he can't say things like "I didn't lose the funds, they were sent back to the 
> donors." That's not DPL behavior. That's not showing problems at face value.

Sure. Saying he himself lost funds would be inaccurate too, though,
and I would expect anyone to object to being accused of it.

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