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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 9:05 pm, MJ Ray wrote:
> Huh? If you cleared up the accounting problems, why did you come into
> this thread claiming that there are accounting problems? Did SPI undo
> all the process changes you put in place in another week or two?

As a service to mailservers everywhere I'll put up a permanent page outlining 
my complaints:


> Maybe you cleared up some accounting symptoms but not the problems. I
> mean, that's good too, but who's fixing the problems you left?

I didn't leave any problems that I was able to fix. I left a lot of neatly 
sorted and labled files in a box, safely delivered to the person the board 
demanded. I wasn't allowed to do anything more than that and my official term 
had expired.

I did leave a half finished end-of-year report but since I wasn't the 
Treasurer and since I had no end of year financial summary that seemed a 
difficult proposition at best. I did leave a significant portion of the 
material that was in the final end of year document. Still, that effort was a 
failure and I will accept responsibility for it. I could have dogged people 
for content even after my term was up.

> Sure, but you have no fine clue how to work with people you can't
> raise or fire, as far as I've seen.

That much appears to be true.

> Erm, *I* raised the argument and I didn't include that as I didn't
> notice mention it in the record. Wasn't there any problem with the
> president taking control of financial office? If not, I'll wait
> for some other of SPI board to comment.

Open to interpretation. The President *not* taking control of the financial 
office (at least temporarily) has certainly allowed problems to continue.

> How long was it neglected when Branden took the post?

A period of years. We corrected portions of that task as well.

> Sure, fine. So no, you can't substantiate it beyond trying to
> blame the whole SPI thing on Branden?

It depends on what you mean by the "SPI thing". If you mean not processing 
hundreds of donation checks, then yes, I blame that on Branden. If you mean a 
generally confused organization that is marginally fulfilling its charter and 
endangering the resources of the projects it serves, then no. That problem 
belongs to all of us.

The above statement is way letting Darren Benham off the hook but he isn't 
running for DPL. If he ran for DPL then I would put on a display that makes 
this look like Sunday school. Branden knew that Darren had cocked things up 
terribly when he took the task on. 

Let me be clear. The fact that he failed isn't the problem. Branden is a stand 
up guy but we're talking about running for DPL. When addressing his failure 
he can't say things like "I didn't lose the funds, they were sent back to the 
donors." That's not DPL behavior. That's not showing problems at face value.

Ean Schuessler, CTO
214-720-0700 x 315
Brainfood, Inc.

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