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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> wrote: [...]
> As I've said, I can be combative, irrational and mean tempered. At the same 
> time, I was able to get a few years of accounting problems cleared up in a 
> week or two. [...]

Huh? If you cleared up the accounting problems, why did you come into
this thread claiming that there are accounting problems? Did SPI undo
all the process changes you put in place in another week or two?

Maybe you cleared up some accounting symptoms but not the problems. I
mean, that's good too, but who's fixing the problems you left?

> [...] I may be a pain in the ass but I do run a business and 
> have a full time accountanting help. I also write ecommerce websites for a 
> living. Fixing the SPI accounting is kiddie stuff.

Sure, but you have no fine clue how to work with people you can't
raise or fire, as far as I've seen.

> [...] When raising 
> that argument he fails to include the fact that it took months for him to 
> ship the paperwork even at my expense.

Erm, *I* raised the argument and I didn't include that as I didn't
notice mention it in the record. Wasn't there any problem with the
president taking control of financial office? If not, I'll wait
for some other of SPI board to comment.

> [...] Its 
> only when it is neglected that the backlog becomes difficult to deal with. 
> Even then, with an enormous back log, it wasn't that hard for us to iron out.

How long was it neglected when Branden took the post?

> > Can you substantiate that claim besides trying to blame him for
> > the SPI bug? His packages don't seem to be worse than a few other
> > people I've looked at, although it seems his upstreams aren't
> > particularly cooperative.
> Well. I would like to make the bold distinction that hacking on software is 
> not the same thing as maintaining a bureaucracy and that assumption is why we 
> have failed to make SPI work again and again and again.

Sure, fine. So no, you can't substantiate it beyond trying to
blame the whole SPI thing on Branden?

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