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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> wrote:
> [...] Ultimately the question still stands, have 
> operations been repaired?

I doubt anyone would take a "yes" here now, quite rightly. We
need to watch and decide for ourselves.

> Would it have been better to let me execute a rapid 
> and forceful reorganization of SPI's operations in order to set its house 
> well in order?

No and I think you've demonstrated why not very well. I would
hope that there are laws against presidents doing that, but US
company laws seem very lax to me.

> [...] Branden
> inherited a huge mess and the task was difficult but that doesn't change the
> fact that he failed at the task and blames everyone but himself.

In SPI's minutes, I see Branden being appointed (September
2001), working for a while (to mid-2002), flagging up the
problem (January 2003), trying to get help to deal with the
problem (July 2003) and resigning (January 2004). I have seen
him being a bit annoyed with the other people in the mess with
him, but I can understand that. Can you tell me where to see
him blaming everyone else?

This seems similar to an earlier situation where a secretary
was appointed, couldn't fill in past holes and resigned,
although you didn't give any time between pointing it out
and resigning. Maybe you gave up too quickly and Branden gave
up too slowly?

Also from the minutes, it looks like SPI was slowly failing from
mid-2002. Branden was part of the board, but so were you. Who
should we blame? Is there any point blaming anyway?

> Show me 
> where he ever said "I screwed up because I didn't do my job and it cost 
> Debian a lot of money." A leader must take responsibility.

Branden wasn't leader of SPI. You were.

> [...] Number one, 
> Branden isn't ready to be DPL because he won't accept responsibility and he 
> is not sufficiently organized.

Can you substantiate that claim besides trying to blame him for
the SPI bug? His packages don't seem to be worse than a few other
people I've looked at, although it seems his upstreams aren't
particularly cooperative.

> Number two, Debian needs to take some formal 
> action with regard to assuring that the SPI role is executed properly. 
> Whether that means killing SPI, reorganizing its staff or providing fault 
> tolerant redundancy is an open matter.

Not really a Branden/DPL issue, but more a DPL question in general:
Will the DPL go to many SPI board meetings or appoint a delegate?

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