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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

On Monday 21 February 2005 1:38 pm, MJ Ray wrote:
> When you were appointed President in July 2003, Branden had
> found an accountant to help with the work. From the minutes, it
> seems the SPI board did not revisit this topic before Branden's
> resignation is mentioned in January 2004.  By May 2004, the
> apologies are being sent out.

It took some number of months for me to extract the records.

> In general, status reports seem few and far between in the
> minutes. Aren't they meant to be part of the normal order of
> business under the SPI by-laws? As you were so happy to point
> out last summer, doesn't the president have some responsibility
> for checking SPI follows the by-laws?

It is also the responsibility of the SPI President to see that records are 
accounted for properly and legally. However, it wasn't possible for me to do 
this because the new Treasurer (Jimmy Kaplowitz) would be told how to do his 
job. While I admire his chutzpah, his timing was not ideal. So, 
responsibility yes... capability no.

> There do seem to have been problems with SPI. I don't think
> one member of the board can put the blame solely on one other
> member of it without clear evidence. At best, your abrasive
> hectoring conduct as SPI president did not seem to help. I
> don't think you should be so keen to raise this topic again.

Hey, I suck! I'm the first to agree. That's why I didn't run as President 
again. Jimmy, Branden and the rest of the SPI team have now had a six month 
crack at sorting it out on their own without my badgering. That doesn't seem 
to have working well either.

> I don't think the SPI problems makes transparency and
> accountability any more or less of an issue in the DPL elections
> than it would have been otherwise. I would like to ask all
> candidates about them, but let's wait for campaigning to start.

I disagree. This is the first time SPI misplaced $18,000.00 of Debian's money. 
That's a pretty spectacular screw up. Without Debian's money and trademarks 
SPI is largely irrelevant. I think its all good food for thought.

I do agree about the campaign though. I'm just warming up a little, since 
Branden has been doing the same. Speaking of... I'm not running for DPL but 
here is something almost as good for you:


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