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Re: Vote Robinson for DPL!

I don't see a conclusion anytime soon here but I'll try once more.

- Branden failed to cash hundreds of donation checks for Debian.

- I spent money out of my own pocket to mail apologies to the people who 
donated the money in the first place.

- Those letters were in fact sent.

- SPI would not reimburse the postage for the mailing (more than $100) for 
over six months. 

- When at last a check was cut Branden made it a point to complain publicly 
about how incompetent my company was because it asked for a check to be cut. 

My problem is that SPI is still non-performant to any reasonable professional 
standard and that I am being bad-mouthed publicly by its representatives when 
I ask for simple tasks to be performed. I think it is perfectly reasonable to 
complain about that publicly considering that Branden is the person who is 
failing to perform well in that core task, bad-mouthing Debian donors 
publicly and running for DPL all at the same time.

The exact timing of me saying "huzzah!" and my mother saying "pay up!" in 
email seems tiresomely inconsequential. It also doesn't seem to change any of 
the basic facts about the money I laid out, the amount of time it took to get 
paid back and the baselessness of the complaints about my organization's 
competence. If my organization is so incompetent then why did SPI owe it the 
postage money for sending apology letters in the first place?

You've made it clear that you have different priorities than me when it comes 
to leadership. Fine. I think my concerns are cogent and I hope there are 
others in the project who feel the same way.

On Saturday 19 February 2005 03:59 pm, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> I know you want this to be all about Branden.  But what I see is that
> you took a brief thing on IRC, and decided it was a Big Issue.
> Indeed, you didn't have all the facts straight when you did so, and
> you proceeded to try and get people riled up on debian-vote.
> If you want to say that Branden is a sucky treasurer of SPI, and
> therefore shouldn't be DPL, you have chosen an amazingly poor way to
> say that.
> Instead of making me think what you want me to think, I decided that
> you were telling us nothing useful about Branden, but you were telling
> us something about your ability to be a leader effectively.  You may
> not be running for DPL, but you are serving in a position of
> responsibility for SPI, and you don't seem to have the things needed
> to do that well.  You aren't playing nice.  You are trying to solve
> inter-personal problems by bringing them up on big group mailing lists
> instead of talking directly with the person concerned.

Ean Schuessler, CTO
Brainfood, Inc.

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