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Re: Stop the madness (Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64)

On 13/07/2004 Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Consider the situation from their perspective.  They have work to do in
> order for amd64 to enter the archive.  From a certain group of developers,
> they face accusations of "stalling"[0], announcements made in apparent
> attempts to shame them into action[1], a general resolution designed to
> attempt to force them to complete their work, and other disrespectful
> behaviour.  No Debian developer should need to tolerate this.  We are all
> volunteers, and our purpose in associating with each other is to cooperate.

how true, but anyway debian has some instances that are essential for
the project, and therefore have much more responsibility than others.

if people agree to take over such positions, they should be aware of the
fact, that it will include some work. if work grows to much, or they're
running out of time, debian should consider about changing policies,
maybe enlarging the ftpmasters team, etc.
but before that, ftpmasters shouldn't hide those problems, but talk about
them and - above all - solve them!

> There is no opposition to the amd64 port, and therefore no enemy in this
> situation.  You are attacking your teammates.

when teammates don't give a fuck (they still didn't answer in the name
of ftpmasters), criticism is essential, and if nothing changes, maybe
the individuums on these possitions need to be replaced.

the only sad thing is, that current individuums don't address this on
their own.


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