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DRAFT amendment to "Release sarge with amd64": "Freeze architecture support for sarge"

The following is a draft for an amendment to the latest GR; I'd appreciate
comments on it before eventually proposing it:


I hereby propose an amendment to the current GR proposal "Release sarge
with amd64":

  The Debian project hereby resolves,

  That we will not include further architectures for the next Debian release
  (codenamed 'sarge'), except for possible point releases (at the Release
  Manager's discretion).

The text completely replaces that of the original proposal.


sarge is already late, like most other Debian releases before it. Including
yet another architecture (ie. more functionality) is not what the majority of
our users need now; such an inclusion would most likely lead to sarge being
delayed further, without a real gain for most of our users. (AMD64/x86-64
runs all i386 software already, the performance gains are in the class of
10-15% and the 64-bit address space is only needed for a very small segment.)

AMD64 has its obvious place in Debian, but before it goes in, lots of other
things should go in place, most notably multi-arch support in dpkg and in
Debian in general. This is work that can be done very quickly after sarge has
been released, which will gain both AMD64 and other architectures a lot more
than having a 64-bit-only port go into sarge at this stage.

IMHO having a GR for this is wrong -- what goes into a release is the
business of the Release Manager. However, as there is already a proposal on
this, there should also be a counter-proposal for those who disagree.


/* Steinar */
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