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Re: Analysis of the ballot options

>>>>> "ES" == Eike \"zyro\" Sauer <Eike> writes:

    ES> Milan Zamazal schrieb:
    >> so Debian shouldn't make to look itself even more foolish by
    >> making and reverting changes without really good reasons.

    ES> Adult people should not be afraid of undoing bad decisions, and
    ES> "We will not hide problems".

I don't think the decision was bad, I think it has only raised bad
consequences.  And those don't make (IMO) a sufficiently good reason to
revert the decision itself.


Milan Zamazal

The rush to reproduce Microsofts window environment seems to overshadow the
design process of determining what a window environment should be, and what its
ultimate users will want.                  -- Barry Fishman in gnu.misc.discuss

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