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Re: Analysis of the ballot options

My analysis is that this GR is simply insane.

The previous GR (2004 vote 003) was presented as editorial amendments,
so it can hardly have significant influence on our releases.  From this
point of view proposals A, B, C, E make no sense to me.

I can't see any good reason to support proposal F -- Social Contract
already defines our goals which we may successfully meet or we may
(despite our best efforts) fail on them (we may fail to release sarge
without any DFSG problems or we may fail to release any further stable
version at all).

Proposal D may make sense if one feels fooled by presenting the previous
GR as editorial amendments and wants to revert it for that reason.  But
in any case, I don't think the changes to DFSG are wrong, so Debian
shouldn't make to look itself even more foolish by making and reverting
changes without really good reasons.

IMHO the proper response to this insane GR is ------1 (without actually
performing Further Discussion after the voting ends).  And I won't
repeat my mistake of ignoring the votings I don't consider significant

Milan Zamazal

I think any law that restricts independent use of brainpower is suspect.
                                               -- Kent Pitman in comp.lang.lisp

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