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Re: Ready to vote on 2004-003?

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> schrieb:

>> and I think
>> those intentions are quite clear, *then* I would in fact blame you for
>> not speaking up before we voted.
> Well, that's an idiotic response on your behalf. You've, presumably, got
> a brain. Use it. Now. Make sure that there isn't any way to misinterpret
> whatever the outcome is. 

It is hard to guess what other people think, if they do not want to tell
you - especially when communication is only in writing. A discussion on
possible interpretations of those proposed GRs would make sense - but
not if you refuse to take part in it. It does not help at all if the
people that take part in the discussion come to the conclusion that the
interpretation is unambiguous, and later you (or anybody else who has
influence there) tells us that we've missed something.

Since you refuse to comment on the proposed GRs as they are, I doubt
whether you would in fact take part in such a discussion. It does not
make any sense to me to start one (or to write up a web page or
whatever) if you refuse to comment on it. Do you?

> But stop looking for a fucking scapegoat for your own incompetence
> and laziness.

I try to be polite, and I would like to be treated politely, too.

>> If you are confident that this is not the case (and that the intentions
>> are in fact clear), please say so, 
> Work. It. Out. Yourself.
> Seriously. It's not that hard. If I can do it, so can you. 

No. I. cannot.

I am not the Release Manager (and I wouldn't be able to fulfill this
task). It is the Release Manager who has to decide on the interpretation
of this. And as an individual, I can never be sure whether my
interpretation is the only one that people have. At least not as long as
we don't talk about it.

> There are two reasons to require me to do this: because you're all
> incompetent at making decisions of this sort, in which case Debian's
> best interests would be met by appointing me supreme project dictator
> for life,

There are two meanings of competence and incompetence, at least in
German: Having the knowledge, or having the power. We are in fact
incompetent: In the second sense. There's no use in me making that
decision, as long as I don't know whether you, the competent person,
agrees with the interpretation of the wording I choose for my decision.

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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