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Re: Ready to vote on 2004-003?

Scripsit Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au>

> I have _entirely_ removed myself from any influence in this situation.

You cannot do that while you're still release manager.

The project has vested in you the authority to be the one who says
"Okay, today sarge is ready to release. From now on, stable means

There is good evidence that your decision about when to say that will
be influenced by the outcome of the upcoming vote. You have repeatedly
been asked a simple question about how you expect each possible
outcome of the vote will actually affect *your* subsequent decision of
when to release. You have repeatedly refused to answer that simple

> If a general resolution is needed, everyone else's vote counts
> exactly the same as mine does.

You are forcing everyone else's votes to be based on imperfect

A part of the project is trying to send you the message that they want
you to release sarge on the original timescale, irrespective of
whether it gets completely purged of the non-free things that your
interpretation of the previous SC did not consider DFSG-critical.

Those people are considering various ways of formally phrasing that
message. They have asked you whether some of the ways being considered
will actually fail to send the message. You have refused to answer

> I don't see any reason to "cooperate" with people who think the worst
> of me at every opportunity; there's no point to that.

It seems that you include the entire body of voting developers in that
description. They are the ones who need the information you're
withholding in order to make a meaningful, reasoned decision *now*.

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