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Re: Proposed ballot for the GR: Deciding on the effect of GR 2004_003

On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 10:42:07PM -0400, Duncan Findlay wrote:
> > >> Why do developers have to be told this?
> In theory, they don't. In theory, the options on the ballot are
> self-explanatory, and developers should know where to find more
> information. However, in practice, it is clear that developers often
> don't take care to inform themselves adequately before voting (how do
> you think we got in this mess in the first place?)

I think we got into this "mess" because of a sudden and unanticipated
bout of morality on the part of the release manager. I think that
responding to a result you didn't like with anything that reduces to
"Oh, they didn't really *mean* that" rather speaks for itself.

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