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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

Hamish Moffatt wrote:

Good for you. But admit that some people disagree, at least.

Perhaps next time the subject of the CFV could make no comment on the
proposal at all. Call it "SC changes", rather than "SC editorial
changes". The secretary's opinion is irrelevant to the project so please
leave it out of the CFV.

I don't like Manoj's tone in this thread. It's harsh, accusatory, and somewhat rude. It seems like he is reacting defensively, as if he feels people are blaming him for the results they don't like. I don't think he was responsible for the results, just for running the vote.

Comments like this don't help. This directly accuses him of mislabeling the proposal to support his own position. In otherwords, accuses Manoj of malfeance of office as Debian Secretary.

In my opinion, that's libelous (or slandarous, I'm not sure which applies to emails like this). It defames Manoj, and it's blatantly false, as the record will show. This proposal has a long and complicated history, dating back over several years of discussion. Only recently was it put into the current form, and was debated since December as "editorial" changes. Manoj didn't put that label on it, and it was called "editorial" in the subject line of Andrew Suffield's original official proposing of it.


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