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Re: summary of software licenses in non-free

On 2004-01-10 13:39:38 +0000 Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> wrote:

Another thing I think is interesting: How many different maintainers are there for non-free packages. I.e., how many maintainers would be affected
by the migration to another service, WRT package maintanence.

I counted this recently and found 124 or similar. I did not count how many only have non-free add-ons to their main packages.

Someone mentioned as well as storage locations, BTS and PTS will be affected and it's a "major PITA" to our users. Of course, that's subjective, but many users are capable of using other storage locations and we should be able to complete Origin+Bugs support to deal with their most common ways of dealing with the BTS. That leaves the PTS and I don't know enough about that.

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