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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying


Markus Schulze wrote:
> In short: The winner according to Manoj's May 15 proposal
> can be cyclic even when the voters don't change their minds.

Wrong. Reason: The default option is never "keep the current status", it's 
"further discussion". If we run a vote which results in action A, the vote 
gets repeated for some reason, and nobody changes their mind, then the result 
is again going to be A because the quorum requirements didn't change.

You can't get a cycle with three non-default options; I just checked. You're 
welcome to try to build one with more options than that. Conditions: None of 
the options in question are the default option, any of them may be below 
quota, quota is ignored for the option which is "current", i.e. has been 
elected in the previous step.

My gut feeling is that, even if you can do it, such a situation is very 
unlikely to occur in a real election.

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