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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 02:18:53PM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> > >    A:C=69:31
> > >    Default option: A.
> > >    Quorum: 30.
> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 03:18:44AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > C fails to reach its majority requirement and is dropped.
> Huh?

     3. Any (non-default) option which does not defeat the default option
        by its required majority ratio is dropped from consideration.
        a. Given two options A and B, V(A,B) is the number of voters
           who prefer option A over option B.
        b. An option A defeats the default option D by a majority
           ratio N, if V(A,D) is strictly greater than N * V(D,A).
        c. If a supermajority of S:1 is required for A, its majority ratio
           is S; otherwise, its majority ratio is 1.

3(a) V(A,C) = 69, V(C,A) = 31
3(c) A supermajority is not required for C, so its majority ratio is 1.
3(b) V(C,A) = 31, which is not strictly greater than 1 * V(A,C), so option
     C does not defeat option A by its majority ratio.
3    C is dropped from consideration.


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