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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

> you wrote (25 May 2003):
> > On the other hand, if you could show that the May 15 mechanism
> > violates monotonicity, then I'd be opposed to it.

On Sun, May 25, 2003 at 06:21:13PM +0200, Markus Schulze wrote:
> Situation 1:
>    Default option: A,    Quorum: 30.
>    40 ACB,    32 BAC,    28 CBA
>    A:B=40:60, A:C=72:28, B:C=32:68
>    Manoj's May 15 proposal would choose B.
> Situation 2:
>    3 ACB voters change their minds to CAB.
>    37 ACB,    32 BAC,    28 CBA,    03 CAB
>    A:B=40:60, A:C=69:31, B:C=32:68
>    Manoj's May 15 proposal would choose A.

Hmm... but A is the default option.

Are there any circumstances where monotonicity is violated and not by
the introduction of the default option in place of the option which was
ranked higher?  [Or, equivalently, where ranking an option lower violates
monotonicity, and not by the elimination of the default option?]

As an aside: how do you find these cases?  [I sometimes write programs to
simulate some kind of activity and search for a specific kind of anomaly
-- but that can be rather time consuming as the models and issues change.]



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