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Re: integrity of elections

>> On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:11:23 +0000,
>> Matthew Vernon <matthew@sel.cam.ac.uk> said: 

 > In which case, there should be a procedure for abstaining?

	Simple. Just vote all candidates at 1 -- and put the default
 option at 5 (v11115).

 > Personally, I've yet to notice any of the DPLs whilst I've been in
 > the project achieving very much, and was not sufficiently convinced
 > by any of the manifestos to actually want to vote for any of the
 > candidates; equally, I expect any of them would do a passable job,
 > so I don't want to vote RON either.

	Voting all candidates equally expresses no preference between
 them -- but rating them over the default option indicates you think
 they are all capable.

	You ballot would indicate you were rpesent, and express your
 true choces in the election.

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