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integrity of elections

I did not vote in this election.  I know who I'd have voted for, if I
did vote, but I'm struggling with some more fundamental issues.

More generally, most Debian decisions have been made by an "activist
elite".  So far, that's seemed to work fairly well --  perhaps because
of our charter, we've been able to trust that people interested in an
issue will make well informed decisions about that issue.

Or: I don't see the non-involvement of myself (or others) as a sign of
ill health for the organization.  It's the way things have always been --
we're a group of volunteer specialists, not political activists.

Of course, I might be wrong -- but if so, I think I'd liked to be
convinced based on significant examples (as opposed to generalist

[And, yes, I do need to be more active as a developer -- you are correct
about that.]



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