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Re: Dec 15 voting amendment draft

Regarding the Feburary 7th draft.

Are the results this draft produces equivalent to the results produced using this method?

(a) All voters tick an 'approved' box next to all options that would of been above the default option using the draft method. (b) Any option which recieves a majority (or supermajority ) of approved ticks is 'approved'.
(c) Any option which is not approved is eliminated.
(d) If all options are eliminated, the default option wins, otherwise CSSD is performed on non-eliminated non-default options.

And if so, does the draft method have the same strategy problems as approval?

I suggest that it does, as it would not be difficult to construct a ballot where only one option is 'approved' ('approved' meaning not eliminated in step 3 of vote counting). These ballots are effectively approval ballots, as CSSD is not used or needed by the draft method, and hence have the same properties as approval ballots.

Clinton Mead.

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