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Re: Call for votes for the debian project leader election 2002

>>"Norbert" == Norbert Veber <nveber@debian.org> writes:

 Norbert> Thats very strange.  So if I only consider one candidate
 Norbert> vorthy of a vote, and fill in just one square, my vote means
 Norbert> nothing?  That dosent seem right :)

	I would not say it meant nothing. It means that you prefer one
 candidate, but say nothing about how the other choices stand in
 respect to each other. It also means that is your candidate does not
 win you have no preferences. 

 tb> If that's what you think, then you rank them thus:
 tb> 1) Your candidate
 tb> 2) None of the above
 tb> 3 and 4) The other two

	Umm, this is slightly different, in that you assign a value to
 candidate you vote 3 above the candidate voted 4; also, you indicate
 that you would rather see further discussion than seeing other people
 win, this is a stronger anti-everyone-but-my-candidate stance than
 the one above. 

	You get to decide how stronlgy you feel pro you guy and anti
 everyone else ;-).

 Bdale> The discussion after last year's vote on this topic seemed to
 Bdale> lead to a concensus that we should treat any unmarked choices
 Bdale> as being of equal preference, at a preference level below any
 Bdale> marked entries.

	That is indeed how the scripts work.

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