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Election status

Hi folks,

	A status update. A little over 24 hours into the election, 138
 messages have been received by the vote taking system. As for the
 scripts underlying the machinery, the mime handling script is done,
 and tested. The gpg verification script is undergoing testing (I am
 trying to set up a replay attack, and that is harder than  it
 looked). The ldap script, thanks to luca, is done, and tested. 

	I hope to get the gpg scipt finished testing tomorrow, an
 people should start getting gpg nacks then (which means that gpg
 nacks should be happening periodically starting friday).

	The final script that is over due is the vote parsing script,
 which should be finished either late tomorrow or friday by the
 latest. Next week, we should have acks/nacks going out within the
 hour (which is how this system was designed to work).

	I am thinking of setting up a system that mails voting each
 developer s random keyword unique to them, and then publishing the
 encoded vote data, which should ensure openness and correctness of
 tallying while preserving the privacy of individual developers. 

	Please yell loudly if you disagree, perhaps even with a
 rationale for your disagreement.

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