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Re: Call for votes for the debian project leader election 2002

I just want to remind everyone about how this voting works under the
hood. You are better off not leaving options blank, for the simple
reason that leaving it blank means your vote does not count against that
option (the things you vote for are not considered against the thing you
left blank).

One side affect of this is that if you only put a number next to one
person's name, and leave the rest blank, your vote pretty much means
nothing. If you want to select one person, and leave the rest equally,
you could put a "1" for the person (or thing) you like, and mark the
rest as "2". Which means the one option you like is more important than
the rest, but the rest are not more important than each other.

Yes, this is confusing. The only reason I understand it is because I've
read the code and researched the concorde process in some detail.


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