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Re: Questions for the candidates

mmagallo@debian.org (Marcelo E. Magallon) writes:

>     With that as an starting point, do you have any opinions regarding
>     this topic?  Do you regard Debian as an "open enough" organization,
>     or do you think there's room for improvement?

There is always room for improvement.  

I think we have to distinguish between the concepts of open/closed and 
obscure.  There is very little in Debian that isn't open.  But there is much
about the actual processes by which things get done in Debian that is more
obscure than I'd like.  We shouldn't have to expect people to go search 
mailing list archives to learn how important processes work... but so far,
at least, it seems that we have been more successful attracting the kind of
people who like to get things done than the kind of people who like to 
document how things are done... and keep those documents current!

>     Between these two cases, what kind of leadership do you foresee
>     yours to be?

I suppose I have not always been the most vocal or visible participant in 
Debian, but I'm almost always "around".  I'm fairly well known in the larger
Unix and Internet communities, and gradually becoming better known in Linux
circles.  I've always tried to keep my contributions on our mailing lists 
focussed on the task at hand, and to the point.  

I suppose it is therefore reasonable to expect that I'll be somewhere between
the two extremes you ask about... but it's mighty hard to anticipate what 
might come to pass in the future!


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