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Re: Questions for the candidates

Le Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 08:24:01PM +0100, Marcelo E. Magallon écrivait:
>     outsider, figuring out how Debian works might be possible but it
>     won't be easy: there's too much information hiding in too many
>     places.  "Insiders" have a problem, too.  Even if public places is

I do agree with that. I know that we have many things to document so
that everybody can know how we work. That's why I have put two items
related to internal documentation in my platform :
    * 2.1 Debian Best Packaging Practices
    * 2.2 Updated Debian Developer's Reference

If I have the required resources (i.e. volunteers to do it or enough
time myself), I'd like to go even further by documenting how each "team"
works but that is a tremendous work.
>     With that as an starting point, do you have any opinions regarding
>     this topic?  Do you regard Debian as an "open enough" organization,
>     or do you think there's room for improvement?

There's room for improvement for sure ! And I think we're not "open
enough", we have many documentation to write, but we really lack
volunteers for that. I tried several times to find someone to update
the Debian Developer's Reference wrt to the PTS but nobody was interested.

>     Between these two cases, what kind of leadership do you foresee
>     yours to be?

I'll be "vocal" within the project for sure. Outside, it's difficult to
say, I'll certainly accept any interview to augment Debian's visibility
but it's difficult to tell how much visible I'll be.

We need to be more visible outside, but I hope to reach that with
the help of the local representatives of Debian and not only with my

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