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responsability, blah blah blah

[quoting from the web]:

Branden says:

        I understood from IRC on Wednesday that Brainfood and DSA were
        both aware of the situation and that access to the machines
        was going to be available to DSA (only).  Unfortunately, this
        knowledge wasn't communicated in Mr. Welton's mail and I
        didn't correct him on it.

It wasn't communicated in my mail because I didn't know it.  I only
had access to IRC and the -devel archive on the web:

| possible brainfood security incident; ports 25,80,443 still allowed

and a brief mail to -devel to that effect, in response to someone's

        I thought we were dealing with more of a hypothetical
        situation since he was asking for "the opinions of the DPL
        candidates on responsibility for Debian machines and

Well, that is the most constructive way to look at it, in my opinion.
It's also what makes it tie into this list... I want to know how the
DPL candidates would handle a situation like this so as to 1) get
services restored quickly and securely, or at the very minimum, keep
the rank and file informed of what's going on, and 2) not piss off
sponsors and volunteers.

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BTW, it wasn't my intention to rag on brainfood.  They have given a
lot to the Debain community.

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