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Re: debian services and responsibility

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 07:01, Branden Robinson wrote:
> No, in fact I'd venture to say it's unacceptable.

And I will venture to say "step the fuck off".

Brainfood has, for many years and certainly at the cost of many
thousands of dollars, provided services to the Debian organization. We
have done so out of love for the project and have never extracted any
press, profit or renumeration other than simply using the Project as
part of our daily operations. Sponsors have come and gone, some out of
disinterest and some as casualties of the dot-com bust, but we have
remained steadfast and reliable.

Now. We have seen some strange behaivior on some of our systems. We
aren't even precisely sure that there has been a compromise. Right now
we are in the final stages of rolling out a six-figure web site for one
of our primary customers. Now, I don't know what fantasy land some
businesses live in but here at Brainfood we must pay our bills with the
fruits of our labors. If we do not fulfill our commercial obligations
then there will be no services to donate to Debian.

Our staff is currently not in a position to audit the systems in
question and we cannot risk an exploit. We will complete our critical
work and then we will address the situation. I cannot give you a firm
time because the project we are rolling out is huge, uses new technology
and takes priority over everything else we are working on.

Debian-Admin has been informed. Master has redundant capability. We have
taken pains to make sure critical systems such as Murphy are still able
to fulfill their tasks. I think we are acting reasonably.

This might be a good time to think about how many times you have ever
said "thanks" to Brainfood for our years of effort and support. You know
how often we hear that from anyone? Almost never. All we get is bitching
and complaining, speculation about how we are some evil cabal, and
formal SPAM complaints to our service providers.

No one pays us, as HP pays Progeny, to help Debian. So show some tact,
some empathy and maybe a shred of patience.


Ean Schuessler                                      ean@brainfood.com
Brainfood, Inc.                              http://www.brainfood.com

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