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debian services and responsibility

I would like to know the opinions of the DPL candidates on
responsibility for Debian machines and services.

As it stands now, we have outages, and no one seems to really have a
firm handle on the situation.  For instance, master has been
unavailable for almost 48 hours, and the few people who have physical
access to it seem to be saying "sorry, don't have time".  That is not
an ideal situation for Debian services.

Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion, but I would at least like
some more accountability in this process.  I don't like it that
something I depend on for my free software related mail, for example,
goes down, and, at least in the channels I still have available (IRC,
web) there is no information about 1) whether it's being fixed 2) when
it will be fixed by, or much of anything else.

        Adam Heath says:

        On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Julian Gilbey wrote:

        > Anyone know what's up with master?

        There was an incident on some criticial brainfood machines, so
        ssh access has been blocked.  This is all I can say on the
        matter at this time.

Please keep in mind that I'm not ragging on the brainfood guys - what
I want to know is how you, as DPL, would manage this situation,
balancing the needs of the developers, the fact that you have to work
through volunteers, and so on...

Thankyou for your time,
David N. Welton
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   Apache Tcl: http://tcl.apache.org/

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