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Re: debian services and responsibility

* Ean Schuessler 

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| This might be a good time to think about how many times you have ever
| said "thanks" to Brainfood for our years of effort and support. You know
| how often we hear that from anyone? Almost never. All we get is bitching
| and complaining, speculation about how we are some evil cabal, and
| formal SPAM complaints to our service providers.

Just some message like this helps a lot -- it keeps us other
developers a little bit in the loop.  We do understand that you have
to pay your bills, but when you have a service which suddenly turns
into a black hole and the only place with any information is the topic
on #debian-devel, that causes confusion, which in turn may cause FUD.

I am not saying that you should give us a complete by-the-minute
update of what's going on, but saying something like you did stop
speculation and calms people down.

And, thanks for the service you are providing.  We are all
appreciating it.

Tollef Fog Heen
Unix _IS_ user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are.

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