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Re: Opinions on crypto-in-main

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> Given that I'm not a candidate, I don't think I helped you much. :) Just
> trust that crypto-in-main is a done deal all on it's own at some point
> in the near future, thanks in no part to myself (other than providing a
> medium for the discussions and work). A future DPL couldn't make this
> happen any faster than it already is.

I'm confident that no further DPL could make it *faster*.  But I do
think that a DPL hostile to it could successfully cause it problems.  

But I'm measuring temperament too.

> I'm just suggesting that you find a better discussion topic for the
> candidates. One that doesn't have a known outcome, and is more
> politically geared.

Oh, I think there are plenty of other questions, and those will also
come up. :)  This certainly isn't the only or most important question.

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