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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

Le Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 10:53:54AM -0600, Manoj Srivastava écrivait:
> 	I guess we now control paret of Marriott, eh?

Your comparisons are ridiculous. Think of IRC as a communicaion "medium"
and not a place or a room.

I'm sure you don't own the telephone infrastructure, but i'm sure that
you can control what you say over the phone. You can also control who
you speak with. You can choose to discuss, or to hang up the phone.

> 	#debian. #debian on EFNET, undernet, dalnet, etc, may also be
>  contenders. I would say that #debian has more people actively talkign
>  about Debian than any other channel. 

You're talking about other irc network, well. Can you then explain me
why irc.debian.org points to OPN ?

Don't you think that this is an endorsement of OPN channels beeing
more recognized (i don't want to hurt you by saying "official") than
others ? And maybe it's simply related with the fact, that the channel
that Debian developers (and not a random hacker) use for work is on

> 	Merely having a large number of people talking does not make
>  the organization they are talking about responsible for their conduct
>  (which is what you seem to be claiming).

No, responsible is not the good word.

But Debian certainly should worry about how official debian developers
behave in a channel containing the word "debian". And it's not about
dicting the conduct of each developer, it's about explaining the limits
that shouldn't be crossed, and the general philosophy that should
lead us in our common work. Something like a "Social Contract" ...

Maybe Debian doesn't have the power to enforce any conduct, but Debian
can still share its point of view hoping that people will follow it.

> 	Man, we surely *OWN* that univ in southern France where the
>  debian conference is held.

Certainly not, but yes WE decided about what we spoke together.

> 	If ever I bring up a GR, rest assured it would not be half
>  baked, and I would indeed have justifications and rationale for
>  bringing the GR forth.

Read my answer to Anthony. I explained my rationale.

> 	Since when have we worked under the assumption that voting is
>  anything but the last resort?

How do you evaluate that it's time to follow the "last resort" solution ? 

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