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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communicationchannel

Hello developers,
It resort for this thread that OPN policy let the channel founder choose the
channel policy to a large extend.

Suppose that Debian mandate a developer as "channel founder" to found a new
channel on OPN, then Debian can setup a policy on this channel under the limit
of the OPN policy.

This can be deemed an official debian irc channel, even if the channel is not
run on a debian machine.

At this point,
-- This channel is an official irc channel

-- Debian can reasonnably enforce a policy to rule it.

Wether wiggy give debian-devel for this purpose is up to him.

But for now, the proposed GR does not make sense. So first we should decide
if we are willing to implement this "official" debian irc channel.

At least it will solve problem 1:
* The IRC channels #debian-* are not officially recognized as part of
Debian's communication channels. 

For problem 2 it is up to the mandated developer to choose suitable ops.
* Debian can't treat valuable contributors like it's done actually on IRC.

But at least we could write an "irc ops policy" if needed.


Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>
(please %s/debain/debian/g as neccessary)

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