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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

>>"Raphael" == Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

 Raphael> The fact is that Debian is not in charge of it. But it's a common
 Raphael> gathering place for many Debian developers ...

	I am certain many Bay area restaurants in silicon valley may
 also qualify.  But that does not give Debian the right to determine
 policy for the restaurant.

 Raphael> As such, I think that this channel is "official" enough to be
 Raphael> a representative part of Debian.

	I see little to back up this opinion (unless you want to
 include restaurants and bars etc, which may also qualify as
 being gathering places for Debian developers)

 Raphael> And when a contributor get kicked from debian-devel, he does
 Raphael> certainly feel like being rejected by the developer
 Raphael> community (and probably won't get back soon to helping
 Raphael> Debian).

	Then tell the kicked developer to reallign his feeling of
 displacement, despair, and rejection, and redirect them towards the
 OPN and their representative, the channel op.

 >> By all means go and talk to openprojects people and have them
 >> put forth a policy governing the channels on their network.

 Raphael> They already have guidelines ... strictly speaking they have not been
 Raphael> always followed in #debian-devel. But they are only guidelines ...

	So talk to the OPN folks that their guidelines are being
 ignored. How does a GR help?

 Raphael> They OPN people certainly don't have to decide what's good for each
 Raphael> channel.

	Why not? It is their server and network.

 Raphael> It's up to us to resolve the problem.

	Why do we need to resolve problems external to the project?
 Shall we ask the california court systems to let go a debian
 developer, and that we shall handle his case? How does Debian have
 any control here?

 Raphael> We tried on -private, nothing came out.

	I refuse to violate the privacy if -private here.

 Raphael> Now I've launched a general resolution so that we can take a
 Raphael> final decision and stop loosing time with such stupid issues.

	I think we are wasting even more time and resources here, but
 be that as it may.

 Raphael> And if you read my answer to Anthony in this thread, you'll see that
 Raphael> another simple solution is possible... 

	So your GR was a first resort, without exploring these other
 ``simpler solutions''?

 I've already told you more than I know.
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