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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel


        I am not sure why we need this policy in Debian. After all,
 the IRC channel in question are not run on Debian resources.  The
 owners of the channel may allow volunteers who happen to also be
 Debian developers be in charge of the channel, but, Debian is not in
 charge. By all means go and talk to openprojects people and have them
 put forth a policy governing the channels on their network.

	As to the argument that people are going to communicate over
 IRC about Debian issues, and we must have a policy, well, I say that
 people are, and do, have frequent discussions in real time about
 Debian at bars. And restaurants. And, frequently, at a baseball field
 in southern Alabama.  Should we also have a Policy about how these
 discussions are conducted? 

	BTW, if there is an openprojects channel op that is
 mistreating people on the channel, please ask the openprojects IRC
 ops to correct the issue. There is a Debian developers that slurps
 his beer too fast in bars, but you would not see me asking a GR to
 make thatr against accepted Debian policy to do so.

	In summary, the words here are: jurisdiction, need for policy,
 and enforcement.  Does this proposed policy pass these tests?

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