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Re: Negative Summary of the Split Proposal

On Jun 30, John Goerzen wrote:
> Pardon me, but while I agree that there is really no need for the
> separation, I must disagree fervently with your argument likening RMS, 
> and the FSF (to whom we owe our very existance) to the Bolsheviks.

I am not arguing this; there are plenty of people out there who have
the *perception* that we are Bolsheviks.  This proposal will give more
fuel to their fire (can you see the Slashdot comments on an article
about this plan?  I certainly can imagine some, and many of the names
on them won't be those of trollers).

I don't think RMS is a Bolshevik.  I haven't quite decided *what* he
is (I suspect he's what Europeans would call a socialist, which really
doesn't mean anything anymore in the Blair-Schroeder era... but I
digress ;-).

> Also, please don't put words into the mouth of Mr. Stallman.  This is
> really disturbing to see.

Identify where I did so.  In this thread he advocated this proposal
(in the 1243 permutation), and I did not extrapolate his position
beyond that.


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