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Re: Negative Summary of the Split Proposal

Pardon me, but while I agree that there is really no need for the
separation, I must disagree fervently with your argument likening RMS, 
and the FSF (to whom we owe our very existance) to the Bolsheviks.  It 
is really uncalled-for, and not even close to being accurate.  RMS is
acting to ensure morality is preserved and extended as much as
possible, and as such, I can understand his position.  I agree that
there is no real need to separate the machines or sites (there is
already a directory separation).  Thus, I both agree with RMS that a
separation is necessary and with those that say that moving files to a 
different server is too much of a separation.

Also, please don't put words into the mouth of Mr. Stallman.  This is
really disturbing to see.

-- John

Chris Lawrence <quango@watervalley.net> writes:

> Actually, I agree that there are no serious *technical* ramifications
> of this proposal, at least in the short term (though I suspect a "yes"
> vote would embolden the RMSization advocates); it's more a question of
> (if you'll pardon the plagiarism) who we serve and who we trust: Do we
> serve RMS and the FSF, or our users?  Do we trust our users to know
> the difference between free and non-free software?  More directly, do
> we want to play into the hands of those who would denigrate us for
> being closet Bolsheviks?  Do we really want to expend time and energy
> to prove our "free software manhood"? ;-)
> Chris
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