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Re: deregulate/purge "non-free"; merge "contrib" & "main"

> > current scheme allows _only_ Debian developers to create packages for
> > non-free,  which lends an aura of officialness.  Take non-free completely
> The non-free packages *are* packaged to Debian's high standard and *are*
> managable through the BTS.
My point is:

	Is this a Good Thing(tm)?

... by doing this, we're _directly_supporting_ non-free software.  I
suggest that Debian's resources are not officially intended for this

> > GPL might not.. but the GPL isn't our litmus test.  It's the DFSG.
> The DFSG is a _licensing_ guildeline and says nothing about
> functionality. The DFSG _does_ allow a warranty disclaimer, doesn't
> it? Trying to keep contrib packages out of main just because they
> don't work is bringing in issues not related to licensing freeness.


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