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Re: The Ugly Logo and the Consequences


        Distressingly, I find that people in this discussion seem to
 have the attitude that in some way people are obligated to feed them
 information about votes, policy changes, etc, and that they have a
 right to be involved in everything Debian does. 

        This is a voluneteer organization. Voting is not a right. It
 is part of the work that is done to make Debian better (by making
 informed choices). Like any other work, this requires getting
 involved. It is not as if the information is hidden.

        It is also perfectly OK not to have either the time or the
 inclination to be involved in this extra work. Nothing is forcing you
 to do this. People who vote and work on -legal or -publicity are
 choosing to get involved. No body is presenting them things on a
 silver platter.

        The Web pages and the developers reference mentions the
 mailing list file (publically available) that tells you what the
 mailing lists are all about.

        From mailing-lists.txt


      Description : Announcements of development issues like policy
                    changes, important release issues &c.
      Moderated   : no
      Subscription: open

        The information is there. It is merely not being spoon fed.

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