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Re: clamv update to volatile does not propagate (was: Latest updates on Clamav)

This one time, at band camp, Nikolaus Rath said:
> I am CC'ing the clamv maintainer, maybe he knows what the problem
> could be. Stephen, the updated clamv packages from May 3rd are still
> not available from volatile.debian.org. Do you have any idea what the
> reason might be or whom one should contact in this regard?

As far as I know, we are where we were when I uploaded the packages to
volatile.  ClamAV upstream seems to have no regard for API or ABI
stability across releases, so they frequently break 3rd party software
with every new release.  This is one of those releases.  I have sent
emails to the maintainers of all the affected packages and to the
-release list, but I have gotten exactly no replies at all to my queries
to the other maintainers.  In the past, I have shepeherded all of the
affected packages through clamav breakages, but I am currently too busy
to do the work for the other maintainers right now.

I am not sure that this is the blocker for a volatile release, but I
assume so.  Interested people can help by helping with maintenance of
the affected packages (see my mail to debian-release for a list) and
uploading fixed versions to volatile and unstable.

Take care,
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