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clamv update to volatile does not propagate (was: Latest updates on Clamav)


Tobias Ulbricht <ulbricht@tkm.uni-karlsruhe.de> writes:
>>> The problem is there has been a version in
>>> etch-proposed-updates/volatile for over a month and it still is not
>>> out the door.  The issue is why is .93 taking so long to get out.
>>> I has taken so long that upstream has .93.1rc1 out and .93 still
>>> isn't released to voilatile?
>> The maintainer appears to have released it to etch-volatile proper
>> on the 20th of this month:
>> http://packages.qa.debian.org/c/clamav/news/20080520T173605Z.html
>> No idea why the delay though.

I am CC'ing the clamv maintainer, maybe he knows what the problem
could be. Stephen, the updated clamv packages from May 3rd are still
not available from volatile.debian.org. Do you have any idea what the
reason might be or whom one should contact in this regard?

Thanks in advance,


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