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Re: Latest updates on Clamav

Gavin Westwood wrote:
On 27/05/08 16:07, Robert Middleswarth wrote:
debian@roth.lu wrote:
The problem is there has been a version in etch-proposed-updates/volatile for over a month and it still is not out the door. The issue is why is .93 taking so long to get out. I has taken so long that upstream has .93.1rc1 out and .93 still isn't released to voilatile?

The maintainer appears to have released it to etch-volatile proper on the 20th of this month:


No idea why the delay though.

However, for some reason, this change still isn't reflected in the Packages listing...


(debian.solutium.co.uk volatile mirror)


This happened to me last year with freshclam/clamav 0.90.


I don't know who fixed it in the end, but several days later,
IIRC, the server Packages/Release files were up-to-date.

If these two cases were a matter of doing a mirror/ftp update,
it would be nice to clarify this issue, so that it won't
happen a third time.

Cheers, Tobias.

P.S. I seem to use every pitfall to violate codeofconduct for
mailing lists... plz tell me privately, if I did it again...;)

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