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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Mon 08 May 2023 at 00:23:43 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

> On 5/7/23 12:48, Brian wrote:


> > Please give 'lpstat -t' for bpi51 (bullseye) and a buster machine.
> gene@bpi51:~$ lpstat -t
> scheduler is running
> system default destination: PDF
> device for HLL2320D-RAW: ipp://
> device for PDF: cups-pdf:/


'lpstat -t' only ever shows *local* printers. That is, printers that have
been set up (manually in this case) on the local machine. It will never
discover and  show printers on the network. This was mentioned earlier in
this thread, but you do not appear to appreciate its significance.

To be clear: HLL2320D-RAW and PDF are local printers. We set up HLL2320D-RAW
(which is a working printer) togetger. Should you wish to see *all* devices
(local and on the network) us

  lpstat -e
  lpstat -l -e

The second command was explained earlier in the thread.


> gene@bpi54:~$ lpstat -t
> scheduler is running
> no system default destination
> device for Brother_HL-L2320D_series:
> usb://Brother/HL-L2320D%20series?serial=U63877H0N346913
> device for Brother_MFC-J6920DW_photo:
> usb://Brother/MFC-J6920DW?serial=BROG5F229909
> device for HLL2320D: usb://Brother/HL-L2320D%20series?serial=U63877H0N346913
> device for MFCJ6920DW: usb://Brother/MFC-J6920DW?serial=BROG5F229909

These are the local printers on bpi54. All connected by USB. All set up by
you and all working

Summary: Everything is as it should be.

Your first mail has:

  > All of my bullseye machines are locked out, printer screen at
  > localhost:631 is empty, and no printers can be found and added.
  > But open a shell, and type "lpstat -t" and it gets the full list of
  > available printers on that same bullseye machine whose cups output is
  > empty.

The facts as expressed are OK. Your interpretation of them is sub-optimal.
A lack of understanding about what localhost:631 and 'lpstat -t' show is
the root of problem and colours everything you have written here..

> > Apple ceased any involvement with CUPS development and parted company with
> > its Chief Printing Engineer a number of years ago. Debian CUPS is produced
> > by a team led by the creator of CUPS. Your requested fix is in place :).
> If so, (this is the first I've heard of it, and I've only known Michael
> since the late 1980's when we were both heavily involved in the os9
> development, a mini unix that ran of the trs-80 color computers) where do I
> email now to be assured Michael will see it? Is there a new cups mailing
> list?

Please see our wiki.

> Do you have any idea if that fix will be released for arm64 bullseye? I just
> checked bpi54, no updates available since the Friday update. Ditto for the
> intel busters here, but they're busters, so don't need the fix, they Just
> Work.

I haven't a clue about arm64. I am not even sure that CUPS is the issue. You
have a classical local printer set up. It works. There are three other printers
that could be set up with the same technique. Remenber - you are the one who
does not want a New Architecture setup.


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