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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Sun 07 May 2023 at 11:26:05 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

> On 5/6/23 19:29, Alex King wrote:
> > Printing on Linux is poor.  CUPS is poor.  It doesn't work for some (a
> > lot?) of people.
> > 
> > I have a Brother HL-L2300D printer.  It is connected to my (Debian
> > bullseye) workstation by USB.  I have CUPS installed.
> > 
> > My printer prints sometime.  Other times, it spins up (makes a noise
> > like it is about to start printing), but nothing comes out. I can't get
> > any useful diagnostics to tell me where the problem might be.
> > 
> There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, IF you are willing to
> change the brand name on the printer. But in your case you've already done
> that.  So now do a search for brotherusa, go there and download their driver
> installer, unpack it, run it sudo if needed. It will ask you for the model #
> of your printer, enter it EXACTLY, the script will, if you've net access,
> goto brothers site, download the exact driver your printer needs, install
> it, integrating with cups perfectly but you will probably need to disable
> cups-browsed as it will make the default driver the everywhere driver,
> crippling 95% of the printers abilities.  And from the machine the printer
> is plugged into, and assuming browsed is stopped so you can use the brother
> driver, it Just Works.
> However, if its to be shared, usable from other machines on your local home
> network AND your other machines are also running bullseye, and some of my
> arm stuff is, something is locking out the discovery of shares by cups,
> hence my constant harping about it here.  Other Buster machines Just Work
> but in my case and to emphasize the point, an rpi4b running buster works but
> no banana pi m2 running bullseye can find a printer for cups. But lpstat -t
> on that same bpi running bullseye sees them all.

Please give 'lpstat -t' for bpi51 (bullseye) and a buster machine.
> I assume they can print, but thru an lp derivitive that means your Aunt
> Tilly has to remember the exact name and all the options that go with it.
> And Aunt Tilly will be back on windows next week.  She, like I, just wants
> HER printer to work.
> > My parents, who live some distance away have an HP inkjet printer.  It
> > works sometimes.  Other times it doesn't.  I get it set up so it's
> > working and it might work for a while, but it will stop working for no
> > reason.  There might be several queues for the printer; some work and
> > some just don't.  A working queue will stop working for no discernible
> > reason.  Working queues will disappear, new queues will appear seemingly
> > at random.  The print system will default to an automatically provided
> > queue that could never work, because it relies on some software
> > component that is not installed.... etc... etc...
> > 
> > Between my parents and my own system, I have spent 10s or 100s of hours
> > trying to get a reliable printing system over decades, with many
> > different printers.  Maybe there were periods where printing worked OK.
> > But I haven't managed to achieve reliable printing in the medium term.
> > 
> > I read ESR https://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/cups-horror.html, and my
> > personal experience is that nothing much has changed in the "driverless"
> > era.
> To me, its been a wholesale slauterhouse since cups was sold to Apple.
> The only fix I can see will require that we as a world wide group, decide to
> monetarily support a cups like fork, getting away from the if it doesn't
> suit Apple, it doesn't happen, influence.  TANSTAAFL folks. If you think the
> peanuts are free, its time to look at the price of the beer.  Coders like to
> eat, good ones should be able to afford a longer ladder up the side of the
> hog... I can easily afford a $25/anum fee.
> What say you?

Applle ceased any involvement with CUPS development and parted company with
its Chief Printing Engineer a number of years ago. Debian CUPS is produced
by a team led by the creator of CUPS. Your requested fix is in place :).


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