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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On 07/05/2023 12:26, gene heskett wrote:
There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, IF you are willing to change the brand name on the printer. But in your case you've already done that.  So now do a search for brotherusa, go there and download their driver installer, unpack it, run it sudo if needed. It will ask you for the model # of your printer, enter it EXACTLY, the script will, if you've net access, goto brothers site, download the exact driver your printer needs, install it, integrating with cups perfectly but you will probably need to disable cups-browsed as it will make the default driver the everywhere driver, crippling 95% of the printers abilities.  And from the machine the printer is plugged into, and assuming browsed is stopped so you can use the brother driver, it Just Works.

Please stop spreading misinformation. I have a Brother MFC-L2740DW (which I believe is the exact model you have, or if not very similar) and it works perfectly with the "driverless" approach, both with the cups ppd generator (everywhere) and the cups-filters pps generator (driverless). The first one leads to slow printing for some reason, and I had to select "high" quality to get standard quality; the second one is as fast as the proprietary driver. Auto discovery with cups-browsed also works. There might be some specialized options only available in the proprietary driver, but everything needed for general use (tray selection, duplex, etc) is available in the driverless driver.

The proprietary driver is fine and works well, if it suits you, feel free to use it. Just be aware that it's only available for i386, not amd64, so in a desktop pc you'll need to add the i386 architecture. On a Raspberry Pi or other arm computer you won't be able to run the proprietary driver.

But please don't say it's the only option because you've been unable to use the other ones.

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