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Re: repeat of previous question that has gone unansweredseveraltimes.

On Fri 05 May 2023 at 16:32:36 -0400, gene heskett wrote:

> On 5/5/23 13:45, Brian wrote:

> >   * An output from 'lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l' that indicates a broken
> >     system.
> this is bad?
> gene@coyote:~$ lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l
> PageSize/Media Size: 184.15x260mm 195.09x269.88mm 200.03x148.17mm 4x6 A4 A5
> A6 B5 B6 Env10 EnvC5 EnvDL EnvMonarch EnvYou4 Executive FanFoldGermanLegal
> ISOB5 ISOB6 Legal *Letter Postcard roc16k Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT
> InputSlot/Media Source: *Manual Tray1
> ColorModel/Output Mode: FastGray *Gray
> Duplex/Duplex: *None DuplexNoTumble DuplexTumble
> OutputBin/OutputBin: *FaceDown
> cupsPrintQuality/cupsPrintQuality: *Normal

The commaand has been executed on the server, the machine named coyote. The
machine of interest is bpi51, which gives

  > gene@bpi51:~$ lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l
  > lpoptions: Unable to get PPD file for HLL2320D_coyote: The printer or class
  > does not exist.

bpi51 is unable to the printer attributes from coyote.

Contrast that with a buster machine:

gene@sixty40:~$ lpoptions -p HLL2320D_coyote -l

  > PageSize/Media Size: Custom.WIDTHxHEIGHT *Letter Legal Executive
  > FanFoldGermanLegal A4 A5 A6 Env10 EnvMonarch EnvDL EnvC5 ISOB5 B5
  > ISOB6 B6 4x6 Postcard DoublePostcardRotated EnvYou4 195x270mm
  > 184x260mm 197x273mm CUSTOM1 CUSTOM2 CUSTOM3
  > InputSlot/InputSlot: MANUAL *TRAY1
  > Duplex/Duplex: DuplexTumble *DuplexNoTumble None
  > Resolution/Resolution: 300dpi *600dpi 2400x600dpi
  > TonerSaveMode/Toner Save: *OFF ON
  > Sleep/Sleep Time [Min.]: *PrinterDefault 2minutes 10minutes 30minutes

This output would be expected on bpi51.
> The only thing I don't see is its shared state? but it is.
> So why can't another bullseye install use these printers? Buster machines
> have 100% transparent access.

Because bpi51 is unable to get attributes from the server to form a PPD file
for HLL2320D_coyote. That is what needs sorting.


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